Setting up a
Local Award Panel

Through the development of creative partnerships between users and providers, PACE Setter provides NHS Healthcare organisations with a unique opportunity to focus on quality improvement initiatives precisely targeted to the needs of the relevant local population.

The GP Practices who have engaged in the PACE Setter process to-date have been greatly encouraged by the interest and commitment this innovative process has generated in their patients and staff.

Strategic Clinical Networks, Deaneries and Clinical Commissioning Groups should therefore be encouraged to support the application of practices and other primary care providers through the establishment of a Locality Award Panel and releasing funding to encourage participation.

Local Award Panel

In order to facilitate discussions by Local Award Panels who can learn from the best practice, we have prepared this Assessment and Calibration Matrix based on real examples from the Pioneer phase. This can be a guide to both inspire as well as allow local teams to be enthused, build on and further innovate in the desire to provide the highest quality care for our CYP across the UK.


PACE Setter – the effective and fun quality improvement programme your team can do at your own pace. It works!

Dr Tim Fooks, PACE Setter clinical lead.

How do we achieve the PACE Setter Award?

Applicants must complete two key mandatory activities:

  • a self-assessment audit of their safeguarding procedures and
  • a consultation exercise with their CYP population/families.
  • From these exercises, three additional key activities must be chosen and implemented to complete the application process. These activities must be based on the four PACE elements.