Could you be a
PACE Setter?

The PACE Setter Award has been designed and launched by an experienced team to highlight and reward great quality for Children and Young People (CYP) services.

This Quality Mark Award is for NHS Primary Care teams who:

  • Enjoy encouraging the participation of, and learning from, their patients and their carers
  • Want to develop and innovate best practice in tune with their great ideas and support
  • Enjoy the challenge of setting themselves a target for improvement – and making it!
  • Enjoy celebrating their excellent service with their team
  • Enjoy sharing their learning with colleagues working in their field.

Why should my organisation seek this award?

The attainment of The PACE Setter Award will enhance a provider’s reputation in their local community and with their patients and peers, with patients and their families forming a key part of the whole award system.

Become a PACE Setter

I love the idea and concept!

Jo Wadey, Practice Manager, Coastal West Sussex CCG

How do we achieve the PACE Setter Award?

Applicants must complete five key activities, of which two are mandatory:

  • a self-assessment audit of their safeguarding procedures and
  • a consultation exercise with their CYP population/families.

The three additional key activities must be chosen and implemented to complete the application process.

These activities must be based on the four PACE elements.

Read more about each of the elements

The Four Elements Clinical Best Practice and CareEducating and EquippingAccessing ServicesPatient and Staff Engagement