Educating and

Whole-System Education provides the foundation blocks on which PACE Setter quality improvements can be built and, ultimately, shared.

Learning together as a team, and alongside parents and other key stakeholders, equips an organisation to develop new skills and implement new systems multi-dimensionally.  Innovative educational programmes recognise and meet the needs of those with a variety of learning preferences.

Some of the best educating and equipping initiatives from award winners included…

  • Embed informative parent-friendly videos as high visibility link on Practice website and waiting room screens
  • Head Injury Pathway training;
  • Visiting primary schools to talk to children about common minor illnesses
  • Non clinical staff training on CYP issues to ensure all staff on message
  • Receptionist Training on Red-Amber-Green (RAG) Triage Systems
  • Awareness raising of all staff on patient feedback
  • Staff undergoing E-Learning on Fever, Diarrhoea & Vomiting and Bronchiolitis

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Supporting parents using educational NHS film

“Looking after a child with fever – A guide for parents and carers.”

Cranleigh Medical Practice in Surrey uploaded a parent-friendly film of fever, with subtitles, in their surgery waiting room. They show useful sources of information to aid decision-making. Parental advice sheets are also available for use by all clinicians during consultation. The film clip and advice sheets are available for download here.

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