Cranleigh Medical Practice

Guildford and Waverley CCG

Cranleigh Medical Practice undertook a multi pronged and widespread successful patient and staff engagement exercise. The variety of ways in which they advertised and mobilised patients to participate is innovative and clearly has worked.

They developed a dedicated CYP section on their website, directly related to patient input which should enhance access for these families. By setting up a CYP forum and involving their young receptionists in the web design, it created practical solutions that also motivated them and encouraged team building.

The practice’s team have embedded high volume pathways in terms of clinical assessment as well as giving out patient advice and the clear increase in communication between health professionals is great to note. As they have noted it can be difficult to measure the impact on A&E attendances directly but there will be other impacts such as improved patient/family self-care/resilience.

Dr. Clare Stevens Video

“A Juicy update on progress” – Dr Clare Stevens describes the Children’s Forum at Cranleigh at the 1st Celebration Event (4.11 minutes).


Pace Setter Award 2016

P – YP and local community / leaders engagement, staff engagement

A – Dedicated section for YP website, better joined up working between professionals

C – Safeguarding, common non-acute conditions management, high volume pathways embedding and use of EMIS by clinicians

E – Patient/family self-care/resilience, up-skilling clinicians, fever film on practice screens (with subtitles) for families