Leacroft Medical Practice

Crawley CCG

Leacroft Medical Practice have achieved PACE Setter award status. Dr Patience Okorie set out the background to their work:

“As a clinician and a GP practice we have grappled for a number of years with the issues presented by the culturally diverse population whom we serve where language can and does form a barrier to good communication.  As a result, understanding the course and severity of some illnesses can be difficult for some of our patients. This means that they often either present inappropriately with self-limiting illnesses like cough and cold and diarrhoea and vomiting or at the other extreme do not realise the severity of the conditions their children have, so present quite late.”

As well as the engagement and safeguarding review, the key activities that Leacroft Medical Practice tackled are:

Evaluation of services provided to patients with chronic illness diagnosed with asthma

The practice worked to improve the disease control and safety of CYP patients diagnosed with asthma through the proactive introduction of personalised patient asthma action plans (PAAPs) including English and translated versions. We found CYP like to have their name written on the document as this makes them feel important and gives them a sense of responsibility in the management of their condition. Therefore the PAAPs have enabled the patient – and family – to be more effectively involved in the control of their asthma.

Health education outreach event to local primary schools
Discussing and promoting confidence in minor illness management e.g. cough and cold, diarrhoea and vomiting

The Leacroft initiative enabled children themselves to become the health educators, both for themselves and their families. This has demonstrated the depth of local knowledge and understanding they possess in their capacity as the key healthcare provider for this population.

Audit the number of CYP with complex medical problems / review their care

Make passports for them to ensure they are seen promptly.

“This initiative has enabled all health care and administrative staff in the practice to become aware of these young people to ensure appropriate help and care is given to them.” Dr Patience Okorie reports;

“It has also helped clinicians to be mindful of information that may help in taking decisions when caring for these patients. This has made decision making about care of these patients easier. Undertaking these initiatives at Leacroft has helped us to ensure our time is spent more efficiently by promoting health, preventing illnesses and recognising sick children and intervening promptly and appropriately. This has improved communication with our patients significantly and this has been very satisfying and fulfilling for staff.”

Dr. Patience Okorie Video

“A powerful update on progress” A film clip of Dr Patience Okorie, GP, explaining her experience of working in this multi-ethnic practice (7.29 minutes).

Health Education Video

Film of Health Education Class at Whole School Assembly (10.29 minutes).


November 2016 Award

P – patient survey;

A – “my medical passport”; alerts on patient front screen

C – safeguarding; services provided to patients with chronic illness (asthma); use of translated patient asthma action plans (PAAPs)

E – health education outreach; school pupils become health educators both for themselves and their families

PENNA Finalist 2016

Leacroft Medical Practice were a PENNA Award Finalist “Communicating effectively with patients and families” Category 2016